Disneyland Paris Favorite – Dining

Today we are talking about FOOD! I love me some Disney food so lets jump right into it.

Let me start with saying that compared to the other Disney parks, Disneyland Paris is lacking in the food department. Especially quick service eating. While each place had different options, the quality left something to be desired. Hopefully that is something that can be worked on in the future because the potential is totally there for some awesome food choices! That being said, we did have a couple really good sit down meals that more than made up for it.

First up, quick service! One of the things that I did really love about DLP’s quick service restaurants was that each location has 3 or 4 meal options. Each option comes with an entree, a drink and a side/dessert!

I ate at 3 different quick service places but did manage to take some photos of the other quick service menus around Disneyland Park.

My favorite of the quick service eateries I tried was definitely Restaurant Hakuna Matata in Adventureland! You can’t go wrong with chicken strips and those fries were really yummy! I also loved the inside of this restaurant but for some reason forgot to take any photos of it! LOL!


The next quick service we ate at was Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost! The pizza was HUGE for one person. Pizza, pasta and lasagna here but my favorite part of this place was definitely the outdoor seating area. It was like you are actually in the jungle. Super fun.

DSC00038DSC000422017-04-16 19.36.42

The last quick service we ate at was Cafe Hyperion inside Videopolis in Discoveryland. A burger, a fish burger and a chicken burger are the options here and you have your choice between salad or fries. This location is also very cool because it is HUGE and it is where the Jedi Training Academy takes place. So if you are there at the right time you can have a bit of a show while you eat!

DSC09326DSC09329DSC093322017-04-15 20.35.40

Here are the menus from a couple other quick services options. Each one has its own flair and theme so it is more than just burgers and sandwiches everywhere to go!


Now lets talk about a couple sit down restaurant options!

Food wise, Agrabah Cafe blew me away! I LOVED the food and the atmosphere.

2017-04-13 15.55.242017-04-13 16.50.102017-04-13 16.49.512017-04-13 16.49.212017-04-13 16.16.102017-04-13 16.16.15

Another good spot is The Lucky Nugget! It reminds me of The Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland, which I always loved growing up.

DSC06970DSC06737DSC06739DSC067382017-04-09 21.31.142017-04-09 21.58.30

Also in Frontierland is The Silver Spur Steakhouse. We ate here a couple times and I really enjoyed the food.

DSC069742017-04-10 15.31.342017-04-10 15.32.402017-04-12 20.50.122017-04-10 16.15.36

Plaza Gardens Restaurant is another one that I really enjoyed. I am always a sucker for buffet’s and this one had good breakfast and good lunch! Also, breakfast is a character meal! See the potatoes in the breakfast photo? I am obsessed with those. SO good!

DSC064792017-04-11 12.09.222017-04-11 12.09.06

Last but not least is another restaurant we ate at multiple times. Inventions at the Disneyland Hotel is just lovely. It is always a character dinner, BUT if you go to the brunch they have each Sunday, there is always a different theme with special characters! SO FUN!! Stay tuned for my next post which will be ALLLLLLL about characters =)

Take a look at this view from the restaurant though! *sigh*

DSC06507 copy

And this spread! So fancy!

2017-04-16 13.05.472017-04-16 13.06.102017-04-16 13.05.442017-04-16 14.16.072017-04-16 14.38.502017-04-16 15.00.442017-04-16 15.04.02

I can’t wait to see what is in store for Disneyland Paris dining in the years to come!

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