Disneyland Paris Favorite – Stage Shows

For my next installment of Disneyland Paris favorites, we have the stage shows! There were three that I loved and two of them were created just for the 25th anniversary! I have lots of photos and video to share with you!

Shout out to Heather (check out her site I Love Characters) for taking soo many photos while we were in Paris. While I concentrated on video she was shooting up a photo storm so some of these photos are hers mixed in with mine =)

If you want to hear me (and besties Heather and Steph) talk all about the entertainment at Disneyland Paris right now, you can check out our Capturing Magic podcast we recorded about it!

First up, at Disneyland park has a couple new castle stage shows that are just SO much fun! I mentioned in my Disneyland Paris Favorite – Sleeping Beauty Castle post that I was gonna talk more about the awesome castle stage that Paris has. It is glorious. It is off the the side of the castle so it doesn’t obstruct the front view of the castle and it has the gorgeous side view as a backdrop while being able to use the fountains as well.


Starlit Princess Waltz

The first castle show we saw was the Starlit Princess Waltz. If you love the princesses, you are gonna love this show! Actually, even if you don’t love the princesses (like me) you will love this show!! It is great! Cute story plus great singing and dancing! Keep scrolling to see video!


Super cute right? I seriously can’t get enough of the songs in it and I love that it is in both French and English (most of the shows here are!).

Mickey Presents : Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris

The second castle show is Mickey Presents : Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris. Fast paced, super fun and great music. The whole show is based around the different lands in the park. There are great songs and characters for each land!


Here is a quick little video of the finale of the show!

Mickey & The Magician

Over at the Walt Disney Hollywood Studios park in the Animagique Theater there is a great show called Mickey & The Magician.


I really loved this show! Mickey speaking in French, songs from your favorite Disney movies, magic, it has everything and is super cute to boot!


Have you seen any of these shows yet? Did you love them as much as I did?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

I will be back soon with another installment of my Disneyland Paris Favorites!

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