Artists I Love – Joey Chou

Time for the next fabulous artist that I am in love with! Joey Chou! Trust me, if for some reason you have never heard of him, I guarantee you have seen his artwork before.

Joey’s creations are all over the Disney Parks, have been featured in a number of children’s books and can even be found on Target gift cards! I run into his artwork everywhere these days and I totally don’t mind because they are gorgeous!

You can check out Joey his most active social media accounts (all photos in this post were acquired from these accounts):




I have so many favorites that it was SO hard to narrow down some choices to show you. Let me start with my all time favorite =) So cute right? I just love me some Fieval and Tanya Mousekewitz.


Joey is also releasing a new piece of artwork at the D23 Expo! Hopefully it will be available at the parks after because it is super adorable!


Recently Tokyo Disney did some room remodels featuring his artwork as well! Wouldn’t you just die to stay in a room this cute!


Before I get to the ridiculous amount of Disney artwork I love, remember those Target gift cards I mentioned?


I am in looooove with this picture block set!


The illustrations in these children’s books are just to die for.


Here are a couple of my favorite non-Disney related ones. These are so great and I really wished I owned every. single. one.


And now, my favorite Disney artwork from Joey Chou! I know there are a lot, but it was SO hard to choose just a couple! Hope you enjoy and make sure to check out what all Joey has to offer when you are at the Disney parks!


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