Things I Love – The DryBar

For those that aren’t aware, I was a hair stylist for many years before moving up here to Northern California and I am still a licensed cosmetologist. With that being said, I love doing other peoples hair. I hate doing my own. Most days, I don’t do anything to it unless I am going to be taking photos. LOL!

Enter, The DryBar. This place is one of my most favorite places ever. It is a salon that is strictly blow outs. Wash, blow dry, style. They are amazing at what they do and the products they use (their own line!) smells AMAZING!

Each shop (and there are many located throughout the US) is decorated with grays with accents of their signature buttercup yellow. Adorable!

phone pics (48)IMG_8790IMG_87912015-02-14 11.53.192015-02-14 11.53.13

I have been to multiple California locations and I have received the same high quality service and blowout at each location. Plus, you can drink champagne while they do your hair! Yes please!

Both of these hairdos were done at two different locations! The first in Encino and the 2nd (both Heather and I) in San Francisco. I have also been to the Pasadena location!

2015-02-14 13.20.25-12015-08-12 17.43.20-1

I love the smell of their products so much that my cousin gave me their Gold Mine shimmering leave-in conditioner for Christmas one year. It smells DIVINE and it leaves beautiful gold sparkles in your hair!

2016-01-23 17.51.54

Look at that shine!

2016-02-11 17.51.26

If you ever want to pamper yourself and you have a DryBar near you, GO! GO NOW! You seriously won’t regret it!


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