I Love Characters!


For those that don’t follow me on one of my many social media platforms, I have a best friend. Her name is Heather (all social media listed at the end of the post) and she is crazy. Crazy about characters! Heather is a character hunter and she has a whole website dedicated to it.

I Love Characters is a great to see what characters have been out in the parks before. While a lot of them don’t meet regularly, it is fun to see all the photos. Heather has met over 250 unique characters. That is insane!

Heather has the site broken up into a couple different search methods. You can search by character, movie or event. Each character page may even have multiple photos for different outfits and cute poses. She also includes what the characters autograph looks like (if they have one) and a link to a scrapbook page she has made for the character (if she has one). It is so fun to go through each page.

Check out some of my favorites!

And you know I have to include the couple on her site that I am in! LOL!!



Heather is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to any and all characters questions. Follow her on social media and if you ever have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact her. In the meantime, check out her site and be amazed by all the characters and outfits you didn’t even know existed!





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