Things I Love – Adult Coloring Books


Welcome to the first Things I Love series of posts. In these posts you will find everyday life things that I am currently loving. Whether it be arts & crafts, clothing, food, etc. Nothing is off limits.

Today we start with a current obsession, adult coloring books! There is nothing I love more than embracing my inner child and who doesn’t love coloring?! I fought it for as long as I could but I gave in and purchased some coloring pencils and books.

There are SO many different options when it comes to coloring. Tons of different books and materials to choose from, it can be very overwhelming. Which is probably why it took me so long to get started. I thought I wanted to use markers, then I started looking at coloring books and saw how tiny and intricate the designs can get. So then I figured that colored pencils would be the best place to start. Then I had to decide on which colored pencils to use. Good lordy, the options are staggering. Every ones says the same thing though, Primsacolor pencils are the best of the best.

2016-01-21 15.13.07

So I went to Michaels with my 50% off coupon in hand and bought the 72 pack of Prismacolor pencils. Not only do they live up to the expectation, they exceed it. They are amazing. Seriously. With that being said, they are expensive. The 72 pack is $129.99 at Michaels. So if you plan on getting them, bring a coupon. There are probably places online that carry them cheaper as well.

Look at all these colors!! *swoooooooon*

2016-01-21 15.13.53

Once I had the pencils picked out, I now had to decide on a coloring book or two. It would have been really easy to just order a couple online but I am a weirdo and I want to be able to look through a whole book before purchasing. You know, make sure there are a lot of pages in the book that appeal to me. After spending 30 minutes looking through every book Michaels had to offer, I chose these two:

2016-01-21 15.14.49

They are two totally different books. The Ultimate Coloring Book Treasury has pictures that are a bit more simplistic and large which is awesome for just some straight up coloring. The Tropical World book on the other had is gorgeous, but very intricate. I mean, look at these pages. They are probably gonna drive me crazy, but in a good way!

2016-01-21 15.15.362016-01-21 15.15.56

Like a crazy person, I totally forgot to pick up a pencil sharpener. Obviously I was gonna need one of those asap so I hopped on Amazon and ordered this awesome pack that includes the sharpener, erasers and a couple of the Prismacolor colorless blending pencils.

2016-01-21 15.12.48

Once everything was in place and I rearranged the order of the colored pencils because I am crazy like that, I was ready to get coloring. Once I started it was actually hard to stop! I put on some TV, curled up on the couch and relaxed with my coloring book. It has become my favorite thing to do every evening now. I started with the easier coloring book.

2016-01-21 15.16.16

I am taking is slowly and enjoying myself. I am no good at drawing and I haven’t even started to master the art of shading but I have been taking some baby steps. The Prismacolor pencils blend SO easily that they almost do all the work for me. It is awesome!

2016-01-21 15.16.28

Have any of you jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon?? I would love to hear about the books you love and the materials you use!!



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